Each of my collections has its own personal meaning and content. I carefully and inspiredly create jewelry and never tire of caressing and caring for each one of them. I hope that this is tangible and I hope that you will fall in love with your special product, which will become for you a talisman and a reminder of special, important moments of life.

Not just words8

Not just words

Free, native, united... do you feel the penetratingly deep meaning of these words for us, Ukrainians? It is believed that deeds are more important than words, and this is undoubtedly true, but then why do we need to hear something pleasant, gentle, important? There are such words that I heard, and the mood is up. Whispered something in the ear of a loved one, talked with a close friend about various things, congratulated my mother on the holiday, wished her something important - and it's so sweet in the soul, both for her and for you! Because words matter.



The connection between the world and you, between you and your loved ones, your inner and outer, you and the rest of the Universe. Do you feel it?

Crushed ice13

Crushed ice

Massive rings with an unusual texture will emphasize your uniqueness and courage. The courage to be yourself and choose what gives you real pleasure. Wear what you want to wear. I believe that the collection "CRUSHED ICE" is about feelings and manifestation of oneself in this world, about courage and inner greatness.



Precious stones always cause a special thrill and delight in me. I get to know them for a long time, get acquainted, communicate. I peer into a deep color or dissolve in a transparent radiance. I catch the sun in the edges, trying to capture the refraction of the rays in my memory. By setting the stone in a minimalist setting, I want to capture the character and subtext of each piece. So that nothing distracts from the main thing.

Aesthetics of nature133

Aesthetics of nature

At the beginning of my jewelry journey, I did not invent jewelry in collections, but made one at a time, as they came to my head. Therefore, the first 2-3 collections are an artificial combination of various products, which are nevertheless related to each other by certain features or content. My first jewelry was a ring with a tree, swallows and various twigs. And also earrings with flowers or leaves. These products were later included in the "FLORA AND FAUNA" collection, but then I combined them with the "AESTHETICS OF NATURE" collection, which at that time contained carved plant-themed decorations. I have always felt a special connection with nature. After all, she is an endless source of inspiration. Its smooth perfect lines or combination of colors are always pleasing and soothing. One feels harmony and thoughtfulness in nature. Everything in it is as it should be.

Basics 183


A jeweler who has three cats and a cat (that's me) just couldn't get around the cat theme in his work :) Moreover, thanks to the sale of jewelry, you can help, for example, the "I WANT A CAT" project and its fluffy wards. We donate 10% of sales of products from the "KOTIK" collection to help them.

Japan 37
Break the circle 8

Break the circle

Remember as children we wore the same jewelry as a sign of friendship? It was not just an accessory, but a source of strength, hope and joy. We knew that no matter what life prepared for us, it would last forever. ❤️