The work of the DARI jewelry workshop during the war

The work of the DARI jewelry workshop during the war


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I am writing this text on 04/06/2022

Now the DARI jewelry workshop is closed, but we are moving towards the resumption of its work.

Despite this, I send the jewelry that we made to the window before the war, so you can safely choose your future rings or earrings in the "availability" section, and I will be happy to send them to you, but so far without branded packaging.

You can also support the workshop and the brand by purchasing DARI jewelry bonds from us :) They will take effect after the end of martial law in Ukraine. The bottom line is that bonds are worth less than face value.

Regarding orders that we did not have time to complete or send before the start of the war.

I want to apologize right away for not writing anything to anyone and not getting in touch to update the status. I just didn't know what to write.

The first days were a complete shock, and, frankly, there was no time for work.

Later, the shock seemed to pass, but the uncertainty remained. Will it be possible to finish what is or will not be. There was also no way to return funds to all customers. Money is not in a box, it is in business. And to return partially - on what basis to choose who exactly?

Therefore, I was waiting for the time when I would be able to take out all the decorations and orders from Kyiv. To re-sort and understand what our contractors currently have, and what can be completed in another workshop, etc. And then write. This also takes time, and my sales manager went to Germany for temporary work, and I don’t have the opportunity to work every day, as you understand, I don’t risk taking a new person yet.

Our workshop is not a hollow cycle production. We are applying for a number of services to a larger firm that does not yet plan to reopen. Therefore, we collect contacts of other people who work and who can be contacted. To be honest, there is still uncertainty))) Let's try to work from next week, but I don't know how long the usual processes will take. Moreover, not all team members are already ready to return.

I want to say a huge thank you to all those who are very loyal to all this. We have 99.9% of you :) And this makes me very happy.

I will gradually understand the state of affairs and will write to everyone about his order as soon as possible. Please wait a little more :)

Take care of yourself and peace to all of us!